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InterPro takes full advantage of the easy access and navigation of a Web-based database, with the implementation of a follow-up of a particular test in time, making use of cumulative scores and other combined statistics. Also, it will include methods not usually available in the same application, such as the ones mentioned in ISO 13528, in the NATA and FAPAS protocols, and the Harmonised Protocol by IUPAC and AOAC International:

Youden Confidence Ellipse Plot;

Rank correlation test;

Plots for repeatability standard deviations;

Tests for the homogeneity of the samples;

Use of robust algorithms for establishing of consensus values for concentrations and standard deviations (based on NATA's criteria and on ISO 13528);

Control charts for the follow-up of scores in time;

Methods for Split-samples designs;

Bar-plots of standardised laboratory biases;

Calculation of laboratory bias, percentage differences, ranks, percentage ranks, Z scores, En numbers, z'-scores, and zeta-scores;In case of pre-established values for the target standard deviation and the assigned value, the consensus among participants in each round is assessed against those references using formal statistical tests, as established in ISO 13528;

InterPro is the ideal tool for PT providers and coordinators to accomplish their tasks in a cost-effective manner, optimising the communication between coordination and participants.

With this system, participants may enter their own data themselves, and after notifying the coordination they are allowed to see all the outputs (as a read-only access). After the notification, the coordination may lock the participant for all future entries for that round, so that it can only see the results, and not enter more data. For altering data, the coordination must be involved. While the participant is registered in the input mode for that round, it will not see any other result apart from its own. While in this mode, it can alter the results freely (in case there is any error in typing results or other problems). After changing to observer mode, it will not be able to alter anything, but will be able of seeing the other participants' results and scores (with coded identifications. Only the coordinator will be granted access to the names of participants).

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