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Interlab 2.0 is the first product avaliable in the market for working with all international documents mentioned here, with a user-friendly interface and possibility to put together geographically separated users in a same database sharing all the information desired.

System Benefits

In Industry it is also very common to evaluate a specific laboratory where its results are suspected. For this kind of application a co-operative study (“round robin test”) is used.

For the Proficiency Tests, Interlab follows the recommendations in ISO Guide 43-1;

For Collaborative Studies, standard ISO 5725 (parts 2 and 4) enhanced by the new revision of ISO/TC 102/TCR 5;

For Reference Material Certification it is based on ISO Guide 30 and ISO Guide 35.

All this alternatives are treated in a common environment, providing a great flexibility to create outputs to each situation.

Interlab can also evaluate comparison experiments for chemical and physical methods, it can be used in comparative studies in calibration, and development of new physical measurements or chemical analyses. In this case it works with errors-in-variables regression and also compares the uncertainties with which this values are measured. Both comparison methods are described in document ISO/TC 102/TCR 5, that describes the operating procedures of the Iron Ores and Direct Reduced Iron committee in ISO.

With Interlab, manual data entrance can be done, or copy/paste options to get data from any Windows spreadsheet.

All statistical treatments described can be presented through graphics that simplify results interpretation

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