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KYMI provides additional services to customers internationally.

In case organisations or laboratory managers prefer not to perform the statistical analyses for collaborative work, proficiency tests, and certification studies themselves, we are happy to provide this service. Send an e-mail for prices per report.

Also evaluations for single laboratory studies may be done, for validation of new methods, and statistical analysis of chemical analytical quality control data in geological databases (comparison of duplicates run in different laboratories, evaluation of reference material results through time, and other QA-QC evaluations).

We produce a formal report with all references clearly stated, the data originated in the study and all the statistical analysis illustrated by comprehensive graphics.

On request, the graphics may be supplied to customers as images (GIF or JPEG) to be incorporated in their presentations, as annexes to the reports.

For a sample report, click here.

Other statistical analyses may be undertaken on demand, for different applications in industry. 

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