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About KYMI

KYMI is a Brazilian company, created for the commercialisation of InterLab2.0, which was a request from ISO/TC 102/SC 2 (see Meeting report from the 19th Meeting, Beijing, Resolution 30).

The first customers were Brazilian mining companies, through their laboratory managers. This was due to the natural proximity of the companies involved, and also due to the fact that KYMI was created to serve the iron ore market through the relevant ISO committee.

A natural evolution of our services came with demands for statistical treatment of results from interlaboratory testwork for the same companies already interested in InterLab2.0. Some tests, such as the certification of reference materials for drilling campaigns in geological exploration, serve an important role in quality assurance and validation of geological databases, and are preferred to be undertaken by expert companies not involved in the geological work itself, so that more transparency is given to stockholders and independent assessing companies, which are usually involved in the evaluation of geological projects.

Also of interest in this framework is the processing of data originated from Proficiency tests where commercial laboratories take part, which are interested in providing services to the mining exploration companies worldwide. These data sometimes are given to prospective customers of the laboratories (and the data is freely given by the labs themselves), in order to give evidence of their performance with time. The companies may take the results offered and do an independent evaluation of them, in order to have more confidence in the conclusions they take over the hired laboratories. KYMI offers this service, in the form of statistical analysis reports that can be used by its clients as evidence in case of independent assessment of the quality of their exploration projects. In this case, specifically the quality of the laboratories contracted for doing the analyses of the exploration programmes.

For this KYMI uses the knowledge and skills of statisticians, engineers, chemists and computer scientists, some with more than twenty years of experience in industry, and also with a solid experience in international standardisation.

If you want to ask specific questions concerning our work, please send us an e-mail, and we will be pleased to answer promptly.

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