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Certification Study

In this application, InterLab2.0 is the ideal choice. Organisations producing reference materials wish to have the closest contact possible with laboratories participating in the certification tests. Receiving results in real time is always desirable, in order to produce results of the certification of materials in a prompt way. With InterLab2.0, the coordinator may receive the results already typed in the database, by the same laboratory that produced them. He will only need to process the data after all participants have contributed with their results, and this is fast enough in InterLab2.0.

In this aspect, the producer in charge of the preparation of the samples and coordination of the interlaboratory test for certification can work in a similar fashion as that proposed for Proficiency Tests.

The difference here is that, when the RM producer does not want to make public to the participants all the results of the certification test, they can be involved just in the input of their respective results.

The consensus values may be obtained after the original data are screened for the presence of outliers, using Cochran’s, Single Grubbs’, Double Grubbs’ or Prescott’s tests. Information concerning these tests can be found in ISO 5725-2, except for Prescott’s test, that is explained in ISO/TC 102/TCR 5, or in the papers by the author himself, given in the references.

This is a very modern way for conducting certification tests, with the advantage that participants may be able to see and process independently the results, when this is arranged with the coordination. With facilities available in the companies involved, meetings may be arranged as videoconferences, with all participants accessing the same database simultaneously by the Internet. It is not necessary for them to travel, sometimes long distances, just to discuss particular aspects in the statistical evaluation of the results. Changes in the calculations can be done during the Internet meeting, so everybody can see the outcome, as if they were sitting together by the same computer, doing exercises in calculations. This will certainly produce a very cost-effective and productive work on the part of all organisations involved.


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